How One Seminar Could Change Your Business and Life

tony robbins seminar

I want to share with you a story about an event that changed my life forever. Last year I attended the Tony Robbins seminar, and it became a turning point on my road to success. This year, I’m also planning to go to his UPW 2018 event in Singapore. If you don’t know what it is, check the video below:

So here’s my story:

When I was young, I dreamt of a great career, a big family that would live in the house by the sea, friends, visiting our place every Saturday and a trip all around the world. But the life was not that brilliant as I thought. After the graduation, I started working at a big trading company with thousands of employees. Every day I got up at 6:30 a.m. to catch my morning bus, spending an hour and a half on my way. Every night I worked long hours and went back the same route home. Defrosting my dinner, turning on the TV and lying down on the sofa with zero energy.

In this routine, there was no place for a dream. All my weekends I was sleeping and cleaning, looking for the refuses to skip beers with friends and coffees with admirers.

Seven years in my open space office had passed. Seven slow and blank years. Did I get any promotion? Well, I became a department manager, my salary was slightly raised, so finally, I could afford a car and dinners in the restaurant. But then I had even less energy and personal time, so I had no one to invite to those restaurants. See, when you meet a girl, you have to be nice and smiley, try to joke and tell funny stories about yourself. I didn’t want to hide my tired face, I had no stories to tell, I was a completely boring office rat.

When I saw an announcement about the Tony Robbins seminar on the Internet, I didn’t pay much attention at first. As always, I was running somewhere, living somebody else’s life. Suddenly I got a flue. It was a really rare thing for me, as I never get sick. It happened right before my monthly report, as I tried to get to work by taxi, but couldn’t even get up from my bed.

I had spent three days in fever in my lonely flat with nobody by my side, not being sure if I survived another day. But after having two weeks out of work, I had noticed that I didn’t have any desire to come back. Was that really what I had dreamed of? Was it something I had to spend my precious life for? Maybe that seminar could help me, I thought. I booked a ticket and came. First time after my graduation I felt really inspired. I saw people laughing and crying, holding hands and hugging each other. They were escaping from their regular routine lives, remembering their childhood dreams and desires.

After that seminar, I decided to start it all over. I set new goals, I fought old fears and I decided to live a completely new life enjoying every minute of it.

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