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              Asia Plastics Forum(APF)

              Date:2016-10-17 16:35:46View:

              The Asia Plastics Forum (APF) which was formed in 1991, currently comprised twelve member countries viz: Bangladesh; China; India; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; Myanmar; Philippines; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Thailand and Vietnam.

              The APF has been established for the following objectives:

              i. Share and exchange information of the plastics industry and the country's economy in the Asian region
              ii.  Consider any issues related to the plastics industry and assist members in providing inputs for solutions
              iii. Foster close business cooperation among the plastics manufacturers (processors) in the Asian region

              The affairs of the APF shall be governed and administered by the Governing Committee. The Chairman/head of the national organisation representing the plastics manufacturing industry of every country in the Asian region or his nominated candidate shall occupy one seat in the Governing Committee. The Chairmanship of the APF shall be assumed by the host country where the annual Forum is held.  The position of the Chairman will be transferred to the in-coming Chairman at the end of each Forum meeting.

              The Forum is convened once a year and the date and place of the annual Forum shall be decided through consultation with the member countries.

              Participation in the APF is open to all national organization representing the plastics manufacturing industries from countries in the Asian region. The Governing Committee shall consider admission of membership and upon unanimous decision, eligible applicants shall become official members of APF.

              The Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA) is the Permanent Secretariat for the APF and Mr Callum Chen is the Secretary-General.

              Over the past four years, the APF has been concentrating on environmental issues affecting the plastics industry, reflecting on the current global situations where the 3Rs and litter issue are amongst those intensely debated by countries. In line with its objectives, APF is providing a platform for member countries to share their problems faced, each unique in their respective countries. At the same time, APF aims to formulate common strategies and action plans to help address the problems faced by APF members.

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